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Enterprise introduction

Fujian Huarong Marine Shipping Group Corporation now has more than ten wholly-owned and shared enterprises. Business scopes cover a variety of fields including shipping, logistics, shipbuilding and repairing, ship design and marine engineering manufacturing etc…
The Group Corporation and its holding enterprises (Fuzhou Mawei Shipping Co.,Ltd. and etc.) operate a fleet of 15 vessels with an aggregate capacity of 300,000DWT which engages in ocean, coastal and cross-Strait liner service and bulk service.
1st  phase project of Fujian Huadong Shipyard Co.,Ltd. invested by the Group Corporation which includes three large-scale dry-docks, one slipway etc. was put into production before the end of Jun.2012.2nd phase project will comprise the construction of a large-scale dry-dock (240mx120mx18m) for marine engineering projects.

With the joint efforts of all the employees, the Group Corporation has gained the following competitive advantages in its service areas:
    1. It is one of the key shipping enterprises in mainland China dealing with cross-Strait sea transportation service with the largest number of vessels permitted to be in operation and also the largest cargo carrying capacity.
    2. It has accumulated rich management experiences in sandstone transportation, loading and handling during several decades of its cross-Strait sandstone transportation service.
    3. It is the most important local international container liner in Fujian province.
    4. It is one of the shipping enterprises with the freight volumes ranking the highest in port Fuzhou.
    5. It is the only shipping enterprise in Fujian province conferred with the honor of “safety and advanced shipping enterprise”by the Ministy of Communications.
    6. The Group Corporation’s holding companies Fuzhou Port-town International Shipping Agency Ltd. and its subsidiary in Xiamen are key shipping agencies in port Fuzhou and Xiamen respectively, which help promote the Group Corporation’s quality in international sea transportation service.
    7. Fujian Huadong Shipyard  subordinated to the Group will become the most important and ideal ship repairing and marine engineering manufacring base in South-east coastal areas of China(from south of Zhoushan to the mouth of Pearl River) after the completion of its 1st and 2nd phase projects.
   8. Fujian Huadong Ship&Sea Engineering Design Institute is one of the most powerful Ship design, research and development institute in South-east coastal areas of China.